If you love baking bread, pizza, cookies and all the rest, you know how costly the utensils can be. Maybe you’ve already heard about Fibrament baking stones and how they bake glorious pastries which are hard to achieve when you just an ordinary baking pan.

Good Baking, Nice Taste, And Great Selling

If you prefer crusty artisan or hearth-styled pastries, then a Fibrament stone does a fantastic job producing them. When you put the dough into your oven, heat from the walls of the oven will begin to penetrate it through convection (where hot air circulates inside the oven chamber). As a result, the pizza, cake or bread you’re baking will acquire enough heat to drive moisture out of it.

Good Baking, Nice Taste And Great Selling

However, when you put the pastry on a baking stone, the oven heat will circulate through conduction as well. In other words, there has to be direct contact between what you’re baking and the pizza stone. Conduction allows the heat to be transferred quickly and efficiently from the stone to the dough mass. This will cause the interior of the dough to rise and water to evaporate before the hard crust can ever settle on the surface and limit its expansion. At the end of the day, the bread or pizza will have a greater ”oven spring” as well as a crispier crust compared to the pan-baked dough.

Another point worth noting is that pizza stones tend to maintain constant oven temperature. This is very critical when you want your pastry to bake evenly. You see, the baking stone tends to increase the heat-storing capacity (thermal mass) of the oven. So the moment the oven and stone are hot, the oven generally works less to keep the temperature constant. Once again, when you open the oven door to check the progress, you realize that the inside temperature of the oven will recover quicker than when you use a stone-less oven.

Type Of Stone That You Need For This Operation

When people hear the words ”pizza stones” being mentioned, they imagine some hard-to-find stone which costs a fortune to acquire. However, the truth is that a baking stone can be something as simple as an unglazed terra cotta tile selling at your nearest building supplies store. But of course there are several dedicated stoneware products that are sold for that purpose, so you generally don’t have to restrict yourself to the use of unglazed terra cotta tiles.

Type Of Stone That You Need For This Operation

Characteristics Of Fibrament Baking Stone

Whereas you can also use other stones to get the same results when baking, Fibrament stones tend to exhibit some traits which make it favorable. For example, it’s thick and heavy. It doesn’t break easily unless you’re too careless to drop it on the sidewalk.

Characteristics Of  Fibrament Baking Stone

The stone comes with good thickness, and this gives it more thermal mass to store heat than any other stone. And even though the stones are available in different stock sizes, they can also be customized to suit your ideal size depending on the capacity of your oven.

Final Word

There’s no doubt that pizza stones do amazing work when it comes to baking. They will preserve heat and still give you a better taste when cooking pastries. So if you agree, you should really think about getting a Fibrament baking stone.