It’s easy to get romanticized by thoughts of quitting your job and becoming a professional Judi Poker Online player. The truth is, its not glamorous as it may seem and its certainly not as easy as you might think. One time when I was playing the $4/$8 limits Hold’em at Adelaide Casino, I got talking to this young guy who I’d often seen at the tables and who’s play was pretty solid.

Hold’em At Adelaide Casino

He was a poker enthusiast, as I was, and he told me that he played every night after work for a total of about 40 hours a week, pretty much equivalent to a full-time job. I asked him how much he makes from playing poker and he said around $400/ week. Not exactly a glamorous wage but there is an alternative. The world of Online Poker can be much kinder.

Hold'em At Adelaide Casino

If you want to honestly make a run at turning poker into your full-time profession then online poker is without a doubt your best bet. Here’s why:

  • Lower Rake The online poker rooms have much lower expenses than their real-world equivalents so they can afford to take a much lower rake and let you keep more of your winnings!
  • Wider Range of Stakes and Games With literally thousands of players online at any one time, you can find people to play with at the games and stakes you prefer.
  • Automated Dealing The shuffle, deal, chip movements and other actions usually performed by a dealer are controlled by the poker software and fast as lighting with no mistakes so you can play many more hands per hour.

If you are a winning player, this means more money in your virtual pocket. – Multi-tabling- Another thing that can help you increase your hands played per hour is to play on several tables at one time. There are some videos on Youtube of people playing 10 or more tables at once! Playing this many tables would probably affect your ability to play but you can certainly maintain an edge playing 2 or 3 tables. – Assistance- There are many software programs that can help to improve your game by calculating odds, analyzing players and giving you the advice to help you do better at the tables. Obviously this kind of assistance would never be allowed in a real-life establishment. – Play Anywhere- The beauty of the internet is you can use it almost anywhere which means you can play poker almost anywhere as well. This includes outside on a beautiful sunny day via mobile internet or at home in your underwear.

Benefits of Live Poker

While I encourage you to embrace online poker if you want to be a serious player, it doesn’t mean you should leave live poker behind entirely. Playing live poker can be a great way to get out of the house, meet other poker players and practice the finer points of reading players at the table. Adelaide Casino has a number of great poker ring games and tournaments throughout the week.