I am a mobile bakery based in Canonsburg . All of my cookies are made from scratch with recipes passed down from my mother and great grandmother and are hand scooped to make the perfect cookie. I do fundraising events, farmers markets, weddings, and much more! A Canonsburg woman, who was selling her baked goods at farmers markets and online, is going bricks and mortar. Liza Betsch will open Fabulous Homemade Cookies at 800 First St. in her hometown. It kind of blew up from the farmers markets, she said. So I thought, What can I do with a storefront? It seems the community is welcoming. All of my cookies are made from scratch with recipes passed down from my mother and great-grandmother. She said cookies and brownies are her big sellers, but Betsch also bakes and markets cakes, cupcakes, rolls and breads. She supplies sweets for weddings and fundraising events as well. Betsch, who once owned a candle shop in Robinson Township, is a businesswomen for the second time. She said she learned to bake as a child, but started doing so earnestly five years ago and, since then, was selling her wares at farmers markets in Canonsburg and downtown Pittsburgh. They also are on the shelves at Emma Jean? Betsch said she participated in fundraisers with Washington and Jefferson hospitals, and plans to do so at Canonsburg and UPMC-Magee-Womens hospital of Pittsburgh.

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Be sure to wash leaves and flowers thoroughly to get off any minute insects that might be hiding on them. Not every flower is edible – be sure to double check for safety before using as a garnish or component in your dishes. Never use any flower from a plant that has been treated with pesticides. Never use roadside flowers as they could be contaminated with herbicides or pesticides. Never use flowers in food from a nursery, florist or garden center as they could be contaminated with herbicides or pesticides. These flowers are poisonous! Be sure to check the table below for a list of edible flowers that are safe to use as garnishes and decorations on food. If in doubt, use something else! The list above is a small selection of edible flowers that you may find in your garden. In addition, herbs and most of the flowers from herbs can be used in food decoration.

Crystallized or candied flowers will last up to a year and are a long-lasting alternative to using fresh flowers. 1 cup of superfine sugar (whirl regular granulated sugar in a blender for a few seconds to create superfine sugar). With a fork or whisk, mix egg white and water together till slightly foamy. Spread sugar in the shallow dish. With the paintbrush, paint each flower petal with the egg white mixture. Hold flower over the top of the sugar dish and sprinkle sugar onto both sides of the flower. Gently shake off excess and place on wax paper to dry. Air dry for 12 to 36 hours or speed up drying by placing in a warm oven (150°F) for a few hours. Flowers need to be totally free of moisture before storing. Use immediately or layer in a plastic container with wax paper between layers. While all of the cakes pictured in this article use fresh flowers, you can also use candied or crystallized flowers as decorations.

The advantage here would be that you can crystallize flowers as they come into season and store them so that you have a larger selection to draw from when you are making that special cake. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have flowers decorating your cake on Thanksgiving or on Valentine’s Day when there are no blooms in your garden? Don’t forget – flowers from the florist are not safe for food! Making crystallized flowers is a little time consuming, but fun and worth the effort if you love flowers as decorations and garnish on your special desserts. Note: Several people have mentioned that they don’t have flower gardens of their own and wonder where they can get edible flowers that are safe to put on cakes. See if you can “borrow” a few blooms from your neighbors and friends. It doesn’t take many flowers to decorate a pretty spring cake. Check your houseplants. Begonias and geraniums are common house plants that have many blooms and are safe to eat as long as you haven’t used pesticides on them.